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Women have been making significant contributions to the innovation and growth of the entrepreneurial industry due to their hard work and dedication. Their ideas have been instrumental in developing various business domains and have inspired many aspiring female entrepreneurs. Today here are some of the top female entrepreneurs in the industry:

Jaimee Kort

Jaimee Kort is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As the owner of Edge Entertainment, she has caught the attention of some of the most prominent players in the industry, such as Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. Her company was able to provide the DJ and MC for the wedding of the year on the company’s massive cruise fleet.

She has been featured in various publications and conferences, such as the Wedding MBA, where she has been able to speak to wedding industry leaders. She has also been a part of an organization focused on empowering female entrepreneurs.

Cindy Maram

Cindy Maram was an innovative pioneer in 2008 when she launched Dig IN Magazine, a digital publication focusing on celebrity news and entertainment. Due to her passion and determination, she was able to create an environment that was conducive to the growth of her company. She invited some of the most prominent individuals in the industry to her exclusive events. She has also been a producer and insider at the Venice Film Festival and the Hollywood Film Festival.

Crystal Bonnet

Through her online school, Crystal has created various classes focused on using raw food. She wanted to reach out to a broader audience and share her passion for helping others improve their health. Crystal’s goal is to help people incorporate whole, plant food into their lives. Aside from being able to create amazing recipes, she also focuses on the presentation of her classes.

Shreyasee Konar

She is the founder of the global online exhibition platform, which is known as the Creacin. She has been able to be featured in various media outlets and publications. Through her work, she has created an alternative universe for her audience.


These women’s stories have inspired young entrepreneurs and people looking to become successful business owners. They have shown that no magic formula can lead to success in entrepreneurship. While this list is only a tiny sample of the many great female leaders running the world independently, it is still important to note that they have been running their businesses successfully.

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